Best Prepaid Mastercard and Visa Cards in Canada: Reloadable, Works Everywhere

As more prepaid Visa cards and MasterCards make theire way in the Canadian market, consumers will now have the choice to get the best prepaid Mastercard and Visa Cards that suit there needs. We provide a listings of prepaid (pre-paid) credit cards available in Canada, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and other major cites across Canada. Prepaid credit card is guaranteed acceptance; It gives you the peace of mind that if you apply for this card, you'll be accepted for this card. There are many people who do not have credit in Canada such as people with bad credit, students, and new immigrants to Canada..
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What if you could use your credit card and not pay any interest?

You can with the Prepaid Credit Card!

It’s easy to make purchases with a credit card. You just reach into your wallet, pull out a small plastic card, and suddenly, you’ve bought something in seconds. The only problem is that you’re not using your money, and at the end of the month, you’re shocked to see how much money you owe to your credit card company—and that’s before you discover the cost of interest!

You Don’t Pay Interest

The prepaid credit card has arrived in Canada. It is an alternative to traditional credit cards. With the prepaid credit card, you don’t pay any interest fees and you get the same convenience as a traditional credit card. The prepaid credit card in accepted at any location or website that uses MasterCard or Visa and any ATM.

What are the added Benefits of the Prepaid Credit Card?

  • It’s Secure – Equipped with unique pin code feature
  • It’s Convenient – It’s like carrying cash without the fear of losing it
  • It’s Interest free – Spend money without being penalized

If my credit is bad, can I get approved?

Yes. With the prepaid credit card, you are guaranteed to be approved and there are no credit checks or employment verification required. Canadians who have damaged or no credit history, prepaid credit cards are a smart choice. Simple everyday transactions such as reserving hotel rooms, car rentals are now possible with the use of pre-paid credit cards. If you have damaged or bad credit, you may already know that how difficult it is to get approved for a credit card. A prepaid credit card can give you convenience and security advantages over carrying cash. Now there are prepaid cards, which carry the MasterCard and Visa symbols and can be used in stores all over Canada. Prepaid cards can be a good alternative to secured credit cards. Prepaid credit cards do not require any credit history. There are no employment verifications or credit checks. A person can simply deposit money into an account with the issuing card company either through check payments, online transfers from your checking account, or at an approved merchant.

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